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Originally, I wasn't going to put a message board up. I really didn't think it would work because our team is small, and we don't want "bad" elements ruining our good community. It takes time to build a good reputation but it's easy to destroy. Yet, after consulting with a few knowledgable sources, I have had second thoughts.

Below is our all new message board!
(Friday, January 6, 2006)

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If you have any questions or comments about our station, this is the best place to get answers. If after visiting our boards you still have questions, then send us an email:
We are always in need of people to help us do things. We also recognize the need for DJs, promoters and even our listeners to connect with each other, find jobs and other things. Click below for our exclusive classifieds pages. This is YOUR community so enjoy it and like most of our services, it's FREE!

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