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This new page is just for those of you looking to break into the entertainment industry. This is a great place to do it, as we have endless situations that can (and for some will) lead into prosperous careers and business partnerships.
First, we'd like to introduce you to those who make up the Spin Radio FM staff story so far.
Below the staff names and titles, you will find a description of each position available.

Station Manager/Resident DJ               Freedom Justice

Assistant Manager (new to the team)  Naajiha Justice

Assistant Program Director                  Greg Williams                           
Station Consultant                              Noah Rothman
Marketing Director                               Ely Beckman
Administrative Assistant                   Shugaree (D.C.)
Assistant Music Directors                Jeff Douglas (RNB/Soul)
Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Director  Benny Blanco (RNB/Hip-hop)

Production Assistant                          Peter Kravsky

DJ, "Global Groove Session"                    DJ Andreas (NYC)
DJ, "At A Classic Pitch"                            Nino Torre (NYC/VA)
DJ, "At A Classic Pitch"                            DJ Bobby Z (NYC)
DJ, "Rhythm And Soul Radio"                  Danny C (NYC)
Hostess, "The Business Of Music"            Lady Moore-Sabb (NYC)
Hostess, "This Business Of Music"           Hope V (NYC)
Hostess, "The Fashion And Music Show" Dominique Jackson (NYC)
Host, "Party Anthems Live!                       Adonis Williams (NYC)
Host, live broadcasts                                Manhattan Marty (NYC)
Hostess, "A Day In The Nightlife"             Tanya Extraodinaire (NYC)
Hostess, "Party Anthems Live!"                Elke "E Boogie" (NYC)
DJ/Host, "33 1/3" & "Fader To Black"        Mary “DJ Fusion” Nicols (NJ)

DJ                                                            Jose “DJ JL” (NJ)
DJ, "Fader To Black" (M & W)                   Jon Juda (NJ)
DJ                                                            DJ DaSoul! (Houston)
DJ                                                            Patrick Matamoros (Los Angeles)
DJ                                                            Tammy Brooks (Atlanta)
Host                                                         Tasha Pennamon (Atlanta)
Hostess, "Rhythm & Soul Radio"             Alestasia (Raleigh-Durham, N.C.)
Host , "This Business Of Music"              Hope V. (NYC)

Spin Radio FM * c/o Mixcraft Media, Inc. * 244 Fifth Avenue * Suite 2141 * NY NY 10001 * (212) 252-2528 * (general info) * (send us your music MP3s to be added to rotation!)