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Due to some of the problems listeners have had finding us, we are going to also feature "playlists" of our previous shows by linking them from here. This new way to hear us will allow you to download the entire show (it will be about 80MB per show) and listen to it anytime from your computer. If you have an IPOD, you will be able to download it there as well!

This feature will be linked from this page beginning Tuesday, February 21.

Click on the button to download WINAMP media player
(it will take you to the latest version which has all the bells and whistles)


Once you have your media player setup, get familiar with its features. If you are using a different player such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or Real Player, I am told they should all work. But you'll still have to go to to hear us. Look us up in the homepage search feature: "spin radio fm" as shown
If that does not work, one of two things could be wrong:
1) We are not on the air! Go to our "Day-To-Day" page to get our schedule.
2) Technical difficulties with Shoutcast; try again.
We are also going to be available on another site that handles our licensing...ideally within 24 hours. This will be new, but a most important aspect of our broadcasting. If you have problems finding us through Shoutcast, then you will be able to go through our licensing agent.

Go to their MUSIC page and pull down (it's long)'ll find our logo there.
Click on the logo and you will see choices for media players. Choose one based on what you have on your computer.

To broadcast SHOUTcast streams, although Winamp version 2.05 and above are capable of broadcasting SHOUTcast streams, we recommend you get the latest version 2.x. The reason we recommend the latest version is due to the fact, as time progresses, new features are added to better accomodate DJs as well as add further functionality to SHOUTcast. In order to take advantage of those features, you would need the newest versions of all the files that enable SHOUTcast support in Winamp. Note that the SHOUTcast DSP does not currently work with Winamp 3.x.
Click on the logo below.


Spin Radio FM * c/o Mixcraft Media, Inc. * 244 Fifth Avenue * Suite 2141 * NY NY 10001 * (212) 252-2528 * (general info) * (send us your music MP3s to be added to rotation!)