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Update: Tuesday, February 7, 2006

On this page you'll find the SPIN RADIO FM team.
Each of our team members is vital to the lifeblood of our station. They will be available to be contacted on our Message Boards soon! We encourage you to reach out to them with your questions and comments as the need should arise.
Should you have any specific needs for the management team, please send an email to or call (212) 252-2528 during business hours.

Station Manager
Freedom Justice
Also one of the on-air resident DJs, Freedom represents the unique person on our team who works to manage the day-to-day business of the station, but is also one of the providers of great music featured on a number of shows you'll hear whenever you listen. He has taken this station from a good idea to a now fully-operational (though still very virtual) Internet radio station. Everyone on the team-from the DJs to the Assistant Directors of Programming-all reflect his committment to making this station stand out from the hundreds and thousands of faceless (and generally staffless) entities, and his participation in every area of the station's operation insures a listening experience that always educates as it entertains.
Assistant Music Director
Jeff Douglas  
Jeff is one of four (4) Assistant Music Direcotrs responsible for every song that DJs play on our station (the others are still pending) and is responsible for reviewing and selecting music that represents the tastes and trends in the Spin Radio FM listening community. He is responsible for getting feedback from the music played by DJs and various show hosts to the Assistant Program Director and the Station Manager.
Artist And Repertoire (A&R) Director
Benny Blanco
As the station's A&R Director, Benny brings years of experience working in a similar capacity as he has at a number of record companies. In addition to working directly with recording artists who submit materials to our station for airplay, he also works with various management team members in reviewing models, talk show talent and various other personalities who may be featured on shows and at live broadcasts. He'll also be working with the Station Manager and various members of the managment team to develop our promotional compilations featuring show-driven themes, as well as regular releases of mixed compilations. 
The DJs (listed by name on a soon-to-be added page)
Each of the DJs (formally Disk Jockeys) has one of the most important roles in the running of our station. They are responsible for delivery of the musical content heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a majority of our shows. Each DJ generally creates the mixes for his/her own show, decides how to format the show, and is the center of most live broadcasts musically. DJs work with the Assistant Music Directors to select music (where applicable), the Assistant Program Director to determine slot times and possibly change shows and even show themes, and some choreograph hosts and personalities into their shows.
The Show Hosts
Note: We'll be adding a page with descriptions of our show hosts shortly.)
Show hosts, also known as personalities, compliment the DJs as an additional feature of certain shows. They range from comedians and singers, to seasoned radio veterans and even DJs. The Show Host is responsible for giving a show personality; if there is a “roundtable” discussion, the Show Host may then act as more of a mediator. In live party broadcast situations, the Show Host is in the backround, assisting the DJ in an emcee capacity. While most Show Hosts are simply there to give the show a personality, some Show Hosts are more involved in production and programming aspects of their show(s).

Assistant Program Director
Greg Williams
As the person you can always count on to get things done, Greg has, in our short existence, proven to be a great asset to the Spin Radio FM team. His duties
are to assist in the development of each show, as well as making sure they run smoothly from day to day.
Administrative Assistant
Keeping the internal aspects of Spin Radio FM intact, Shugaree works with the Station Manager to insure day-to-day operations run smoothly. These duties
include contacting staff members about meetings, following up on meeting initiatives, assisting with staff recruiting and helping out at live broadcasting events.
Marketing Director
Ely Beckman
Working closely with the Station Manager and the Assistant Program Director, Ely is responsible for coming up with promotion solutions for Spin Radio FM. Communicating ideas and immplementing them are his primary initiatives. He also assists in developing plans for reaching genre-focused sponsors, and creating and strengthening partnerships with entertainment-friendly businesses.
Station Consultant
Noah Rothman
Mr. Noah Rothman is the Station Consultant. His role isn't the same as other management team members, in that he is not active in the day-to-day runnings of Spin Radio FM, yet he is very important to some of the station's "image and idea shaping." Mr. Rothman deals mainly with the Station Manager, but may also occasionally interact with other members of the management team, as well as the staff in general. 
Freedom Justice (this site) Peter Kravsky & Nicole Belgrave (our soon-to-be-launched site)
Though they didn't work on the website you are currnetly viewing, Peter and Nicole are working on Spin Radio FM's web presence. They are responsible for developing the "look of our sound." They bring our ideas, information, music, promotions, etc. to light by putting it all together so that everything makes visual sense.
Our DJs
The foundation of Spin Radio FM is its DJs. They are the reason we exist, and raise the bar for what radio should be about. For that matter, what good dance music should sound like. All are from NYC except where noted.
DJ Freedom Justice - Nino Torre (NYC/VA) - DJ Fusion - Jon Juda - Bobby Z - DJ Frankie - DJ Disciple (global)- DaSoul! (Houston) - DJ Dan C.E. - DJ JL (NJ) - DJ Andrea - Tammy Brooks (Atlanta) - Tyrone Francis (global) - Patrick Matamoros (Los Angeles) - DJ Les Boogie

Spin Radio FM * c/o Mixcraft Media, Inc. * 244 Fifth Avenue * Suite 2141 * NY NY 10001 * (212) 252-2528 * (general info) * (send us your music MP3s to be added to rotation!)