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Spin RADIO FM promotional compilations
Tuesday, March 14 is our next DJ-only issue!
record lables need to get their music to us by Friday for the Tues. promos!
Every two weeks, Spin Radio FM will feature an unmixed CD of remixes (got it?). All are exclusive and can be heard by the Spin Radio FM DJs.
The songs cover 4 major genres: house/club, soul/RNB, hip-hop and classics.
On each of these compilations are 16 songs and/or tracks. These reconstructions are NOT available anywhere else, and were created as "parodies" of the original songs to enhance their lifespan, change the direction of the song, and otherwise a new and creative interpretation of the song/track.

FEB 14-27, 2006
(1) Shake It Off by Mariah Carey (Shake The House Pt 2) 5:30 at 122BPM
(2) Can I Have It Like That by Pharell feat Gwen Stefani (Full Grown Workout) 5:14 at 122BPM
(3) Extravaganza by Jamie Foxx feat Kanye West (Jamie Foxx Vs. DJ Freedom) 5:46 at 122BPM
Rhythm And Soul
(1) Kiss Of Life by Sade (Flow Motion Blend) 4:20 at 96BPM
(2) Tell Me by Bobby Valentino (Flow Motion Remix feat Marvin Gaye) 3:50 at 97.9BPM
(3) Better Start Talking by Donell Jones (Flow Motion Remix) 4:20 at 96BPM
33 1/3: Hip-Hop
(1) Pop Ta Da Bass by DJ Freedom feat. Trina/Neptunes/Trick Daddy (EXCLUSIVE!) 2:56 - 98BPM
(2) Don't Stop by DJ Freedom feat. Snoop/Mariah/Beans/Pharell (EXCLUSIVE!) 3:36 - 100BPM
(3) Zen by Clipse feat. Ab-Liva & Sandman (Flow Motion Remix) 3:07 - 100.1BPM
At A Classic Pitch
(1) Encore by Cheryl Lynn (Free House Vocal Mix) 6:41 at 122BPM
(2) Eastacy by Barry White (Free House Edit) 5:46 at 122 BPM
(3) DMSR by Prince (Free House Vocal Mix) 5:38 at 122BPM
All the remixes on our first issue were done by DJ Freedom Justice.

FEB 28-MAR 13, 2006
(1) Unbreakable by Alicia Keys (Free House Dub) 4:51 at 122BPM
(2) Lovin It by Lil Brother (Soul In The House Dub) 4:09 at 123BPM
(3) Fallin Into You by Stateless (The Free Mix Experience) 7:38 at 123BPM
Rhythm And Soul
(1) Never Too Much by Mary J Blige (Grown Folks Remix) 4:15 at 102BPM
(2) Stronger Than Pride by Sade (Sexy Soul Remix) 5:13 at 98BPM
(3) Can't Let Go by Anthony Hamilton (Rhythm And Soul Remix)
33 1/3: Hip-Hop
(1) Get Ready by Malik Yusef feat. Carl Thomas (Nice Tunes Remix)
(2) Conceited by Remy Ma (Flow Motion Remix) 2:58 at 102BPM
(3) Track 12 by The Platinum All Stars feat Kanye West (Funkyoursoulup Remix)
At A Classic Pitch
(1) Clouds by Chaka Kahn (Dirty Messy Dub) 6:07 at 123BPM
(2) Joy And Pain by Frankie Beverly & Maze (R&S Remix) 6:20 at 101BPM
(3) Can You Feel It by Mr. Fingers (Soul In The House Remix) 5:20 at 123BPM

Every two weeks, Spin Radio FM features a CD of new music, unmixed.
It is submitted to us by unsigned recording artists, independent and major record labels, as well as DJs outside of and within the Spin Radio FM DJ roster.
It is sponsored by our newest affiliate, In The Mix Record Pool, which also happens to be part of our parent company, Mixcraft Media, Inc.

These songs are selected by the Pool Director. They are then added to rotation by all of the DJs and/or hosts of Spin Radio FM shows that cater to the format appropriate to each song. For example, a dance single submitted by Tycoon Records would be added to shows featuring dance music.
Spin Radio FM takes pride in the music it selects for its compilations, and the only measuring stick used to select each song is first how good it sounds to us, then how good it will sound when our listeners hear it.

IN THE MIX PROMO 02.10.06 (every other Friday)
(1) Last Of My Breed by Tanya Extrodinaire (unreleased exlcusive!)
(2) Wait A Minute by Axell feat
(3) Fade by Solu Music feat Kimblee (Wave Music)
(4) Love Generation by Bob Sinclair (Hed Kandi)
Rhythm And Soul
(1) My Apology by Floetry (DreamWorks)
(2) Know Your Name by Dwele (Virgin/EMI)
(3) From The Bottom Of My Heart by Stevie Wonder (Motown)
(4) First Love by Goapele (Skyblaze/Sony Urban/Columbia)
(5) Into You by Kem (Motown)
33 1/3: Hip-Hop
(1) Just A Touch by Funkmaster Flex feat 50 Cent and Paul Wall (Koch)
(2) All For You by Little Brother (ABB)
(3) Ez Up by Slum Village (Barak)
(4) On The Map by Bazuki Joe
(5) Love Is... by Common (Geffen)
Party Anthems
(1) Dale Don Dale by Don Omar feat Fabolous (Exclusive Promo)
(2) Rompe by Daddy Yankee (El Cartel/Interscope)
(3) Willie Bounce by Elephant Man (VP)
Songs may be repeated as many new DJs have joined since the pool launched.

Spin Radio FM * c/o Mixcraft Media, Inc. * 244 Fifth Avenue * Suite 2141 * NY NY 10001 * (212) 252-2528 * (general info) * (send us your music MP3s to be added to rotation!)