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"Phuz Tones" (Houston Press article)
"Damning the Streams" (Houston Press article)
"Launch of the Mixcraft site"
"Bleak House" (Houston Press article)
"Sound on: Soulphilia @ Lotus Lounge"
"Save The Internet Radio" (Earthwire article)
"A site for sane eyes: the woman known as EARTH"
"Fighting for the right to be supreme" (NGE article)
"CD-Magazine to launch soon"
"Delaware judge blocks sale of Napster"
"Burning Man Festival is HOT"

Check them out at their website
...And pick up their new CD!

"PHUZ TONES" from Houston Press

Orignally published August 30, 2001, the link to an article about a band known as Phuz is testiment to being able to stand the test of time. Special thanks to Ken (guitarist) for the link.

After you read the article, click on the link for the Phuz website:

Forget what the naysayers deal with...
See for yourself-it IS about a mindless good time ;)

"BLEAK HOUSE" by Houston Press

Yeah, it looks another informative article about the Houston club scene. This one specifically addresses the house scene. One insider tells me techno died in the early 90's, but all that I see happening is similar to the clubs: same owner, new management; same club genre, new name: techno is now progressive house. As if house isn't progressive...anyway, enjoy the article. -Freedom

The new Mixcraft site will be up soon!
For now, this link takes you back to the main page!

"Launch of the Mixcraft Website"
Tuesday, September 3, 2002 (updated info)

HOUSTON, TEXAS...THIS site has been the home of all Mixcraft-related issues. It may ultimately seem to be the best place to continue to present the latest happenings with Freedom Justice and everyone involved in the network. Then again, there are things that deal with business that should be kept on a business level, and personal issues that should be kept personal. Having said that, I am happy to announce the launch of our brand new site.
20.10 Media, an up and coming web design firm, has just been comissioned to create the design and layout for our new website.
This new site will include all of the content of the "Future Music Festival," and some of the content of this site. I'll keep this personal site up, but will have links that point to the newly designed site address.
The launch date for the new site was Tuesday, September 17, but due to some organizational changes, just know it will sometime this month. If we can still meet that origianal deadline, you'll be the first to know!

Slip on a pair of headphones...
Save Internet Radio!

"Save the Internet Radio"
article by (Tues, August 13, 2002)
Congress passed a law in October 1998 called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which established a new "sound recordings performance royalty" that webcasters must pay to record labels, similar to the royalty that both broadcast radio and Internet radio have to pay to composers of songs. (Note: The composers royalty is about 3% of station revenues.) However, the Copyright Office, following unclear instructions from Congress, set a rate for this new royalty that is currently more than 100% of most webcasters' revenues! (If broadcast radio stations had to pay the same royalty rate, it would cost them billions of dollars and wipe out the entire profits of the industry.
If the record industry (the RIAA) doesn't offer a compromise "voluntary" license to smaller webcasters and/or if Congress doesn't pass emergency legislation by October 20th, most observers believe that the decision will effectively kill Internet radio. (The retroactive portion of the fees will bankrupt all but the very largest Internet-only webcasters e.g., AOL, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. The fees will also probably trigger the shutdown of most remaining broadcast stations' Internet simulcasts, including almost all the educational and community stations).

Keeping things hot with over 25,000 served...
Click on the saucer for info about Burning Man.

"Burning Man Festival is Hot"
Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind. In this section you will find the peripheral definitions of what the event is as a whole, but to truly understand this event, one must participate.

That is the good news. The bad is, unless you have the ability to turn back the hands of time, then you missed out by a day (or more, depending on when you read this article).

The festival took place August 26-September 2, 2002. It's an annual event spread by word of mouth, grassroots promotion via groups in various cites, and the site of the burn itself (see pic for link).

Over 25,000 attended this year's festivities. There is a chapter for the Burning Man in just about every major city, as well as many small towns all over the United States. There are also groups in Canada, Europe, and even Austrailia.

Citizens of the hotness headed to Black Rock Desert for one week out of the year to be part of an experimental community, which challenges its members to express themselves and rely on themselves to a degree that is not normally encountered in one's day-to-day life. The result of this experiment is Black Rock City.

It began in San Francisco in 1986, and now takes place in the desert of what has become "Black Rock City," 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. It is 400 square miles of the event total. Temperatures on any given day will reach 107 degrees of dry heat. Perfect place to "catch a fire!"

If you'd like to know more, you can go to the Burning Man site by clicking on the picture at the top of this article. No info is yet available about this year's event yet, but there were no incidents or casualties reported (yet). I'll keep you posted.

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Support the a tee from this link.
Then, check out Earthwire Tuesdays, 1-5pm, CST

from Houston Press 

This article came out July 4, 2002, and deals with the current campaign to save internet radio.'s executive producer, M. Martin, is featured in the article. Support the cause; listen as much as you can while you can, 'cause we may get our chains yanked!

Don't forget to check out my shows at every Tuesday & Friday!!!
(see event page for the details)

Support my sister in her endeavor...
Soulphilia Tuesdays get better and better!

Sound on Soul: "SOULPHILIA"

updated Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Every week, it seems, a new alternative to the preening scene pops up within NoDo's bounds. Lotus Lounge (412 Main) has recently became home to the latest: "Soulphilia." This Tuesday-night affair aims for No tsu oH's (314 Main) freewheeling vibe. You walk in the door and immediately see a dude in the balcony body-painting nude models (it's the same cat who does his thing over at Spy, 112 Travis, on Friday nights). Below him, there's a stage where you can hear live percussion, DJ mixes from DJ 606, JOE B, or even some riffing from the Free Radicals.
On the dance floor there are flamenco dancers moving to the drum 'n' bass of DJ 606. And let's not forget LoveSun, the poet with a mike, just walking around reciting poetry all over the damn place. "I'm trying to attract all people to come together," says Crystal Lee, the promoter who organizes this weekly event. "We basically came up with a concept: something different, something more cultural, something more artsy."
Just what Houston needs! Some culture in clubland. What a breath of fresh air.
This past Tuesday featured a performance by reggae/soul band Sound Patrol, featuring Raga-el on vocals. What a show! Crystal was pleased with the turnout, and despite all the mess downtown from the construction (Main Street there is closed), you are able to get to the venue and forget about all that, and focus on...Soul.

Updated info on this Tuesday's lineup will be posted on Friday.

Peace and on the Universal Flag
...for the official site for civilized people worldwide!

...from the NGE site; updated September 3, 2002
Peace We must respond to the DARYL BARNES CASE AND THE INTELLIGENT TAREEF ALLAH CASE (formerly RASHAAD MARRIA) out of ELMIRA PRISON... the god is fighting for the right to BE god and NOT have his lessons flag and papers discarded.... etc. his plight is being placed on the nation's internet site so those in the know will know to SUPPORT his cause and defeat the devilishment being perpetrated against us... His full address is: INTELLIGENT TAREEF ALLAH #95A-4515 PO BOX 500 ELMIRA, NY 14902-0500 his case is in SUPREME COURT and was highlighted in the June issue of the Five Percenter Newspaper.
For udated information, you can go to the website of Allah's Nation, also known as The Nation of Gods and Earths. I'll be posting articles about our universal family. If the information there "goes over your head," then you can contact me at (sincere replies only). Otherwise, check out my Earth and I's soon-to-be up site on matters of the same:

Peace to the sisters who build...
Click on the pic for info on civilized sisterhood.

"A Site for sane eyes:
the woman known as EARTH"
by Freedom Justice (08/13/02)
Peace and blessings! To those of you just browsing and not really reading, take the time to READ this. If you are still just browsing, then pass this bit and go to the other stuff on the site...Still here?! Here is the deal...
Gods and earths, formerly known as the Five Percent, are responsible for the teaching of civilization. They are not a gang, muslims, or part of the Wu-Tang Clan. There are those of us (I say "us" because they are also me) who live by the teachings of what mathematics deal with: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Culture, Power, and so forth, and are not savage in pursuit of happiness. That is what it means to teach and live out civilization. Doing what is right, etc.

I said all that to say this. The woman is the bridge between a man and their child. She is the first teacher of the child, so it is important that her perspective be based in the positive aspects of her existence. The women of the Five Percent are known as "Earths." They are called such because they teach other women and their children about empowering themselves, in accord with what the man of their family teaches her. If there is no man, then she learns from other women, and/or the men she knows to be striving for supreme existence through supreme intelligence.
I will post more information about the culture of Earth on this site. My Earth and I are also going to launch a site that will deal specifically with civilization in September. Stay tuned!
If you would like to know more about the Earths of the NGE, you can go to

DJ Qbert pictured doing his dual-hand style...
Featured on a future issue of CD-mag!!!

"CD-Magazine to launch soon"
Tuesday, September 3, 2002

HOUSTON, TEXAS...A new day has finally arrived. Something that will turn heads, gain respect, and most importantly, promote new music. Positive vibes.
The Future Music Festival will be our platform to introduce both Houston and the world to new music. It will also be our opportunity to introduce the world to a new way to keep up with the latest music.

CD-Magazine is the product of Mixcraft Recordings, and will usher in new artists, new music, new and established DJs, and much more. True, I am a DJ and could very easily just focus on me, but what better way to introduce the sounds you enjoy to people who appreciate it as much as you do? That tends to be other DJs, and patrons who brave clubs, lounges, and bars weekly.

I don't see myself spinning records and CDs forever, yet, new music will continue to be created. The question is how does this music find its audience at a grassroots level?

CD-Magazine will feature a premier issue on two CDs. The first CD will introduce you to four of Houston's hottest DJs spinning music from artists primarily based in Houston. The second will feature artists (DJs and bands) both new and established from Houston, Dallas, LA, NYC, Atlanta...too many places to mention.
If you would like to know more, be featured on CD-Magazine, or be a sponsor, please send an email to me at with the subject "CD-MAGAZINE."

Still up and running...
Catch 'em while you still can!

Tuesday, September 3, 2002
A Delaware bankruptcy judge has blocked the sale of file-swapping service Napster to its chief financial investor, Bertelsmann AG, marking the death of a deal that might have revived the service as a legitimate music-sharing network. Judge Peter J. Walsh made the ruling today (Sept. 3) in Wilmington, Del., according to spokespersons for both Bertelsmann and Napster.

Bertelsmann had sought to purchase the remains of the defunct Napster network for an additional $8 million after having already sunk $85 million into the Redwood City, Calif.-based company to keep it afloat. Napster has been off line for more than a year.

Suits by several major record labels effectively destroyed Napster. Those companies also filed motions in the bankruptcy case, vigorously objecting to the sale of the company to Bertelsmann.

Other file-swapping services are sure to be targeted, as the RIAA has its ever-able team on the case of other websites. Ideally, the first to be focused on will be the larger companies. Services such as Yahoo!'s Launch, are not on the list, as they do not provide file-swapping, but instead sell singles and user-created, customizable CDs for a per-song fee.

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