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Welcome to my world!

Launched Friday: 10pm, June 28, 2002
Current update: Tuesday, January 14, 2002

1) "Soul Odyssey" show (revised)
2) "Future Music Festival" site to get a face lift
3) "PM Funk" @ was off the heeze!
4) Freedom's birthday parties (guest list closes Wednesday Jan 15!!!)
5) New CDs are now available
6) "CD MAG will launch during Mardi Gras"
7) Sign my newly added guestbook (Since Oct 1, 2002)
Other news...go to the "NETWORK NEWS" page-new pics, links, and NEWS!

"Soul Odyssey show" @
new hours!!!

HOUSTON, Texas...For those of you just checking in, you can go to, grab a pair of decent headphones, and tune in to the "Soul Odyssey" show every Tuesday, 4-7pm (CST). 

The "Soul Odyssey" show is a musical mix of soul, acid jazz, rare grooves, trip hop, 2 step, jungle, classics, old school (there IS a difference) and more. I have successfully added Friday's mixture of the newest house music, global club tracks, nu-electro, and club classics to the Tuesday show. 
The show is mixed from front to back. No tapes, previous recordings, it is all live and direct! Thanks to all the labels!

14..."Mixcraft In Miami" (upfront club and house) and
"2003: A Soul Odyssey" (soul, trip hop, acid jazz, dnb...)
21..."Traveling Music" (original club tracks)
and "Assorted Flavors" (you'll have to wait and hear!)
28..."Krush Groovin" (electro, breaks and bboy stylings)
and "Party Gras preview" (assorted peak hour club anthems) 

Life ain't nothin' but a party...
so live it up!

"Freedom Music Festival:" the latest bits and peace
First, the site. It is:
MIXCRAFT MEDIA and FREEDOM MUSIC FESTIVAL will both get a face lift. I'll keep you posted.

Doin' what a DJ does best...
move the crowd!

DJ Freedom Justice...
Live and direct!

"PM Funk" @ was off the heeze!

HOUSTON, TUES, SEPT 24...So much love was in the air, it felt like 1982! That's all I've been saying about my gig at last night. It was so tight. Thanks to DJ Scout for the spot-I made sure it was put to good use!
For those of you not in the know, "Post Millenium Funk" is the weekly show of DJ Scout (aka Kathi Bond) at
every TUESDAY night, 8:30-11pm. She features various DJs and bands weekly.
The first 1 1/2 hours were just me spinning house, 2 step, old school hip hop, and new trip hop. The second half of the show was me plus a variety of Houston's finest mc's, poets, vocalists, and musicians. Special thanks to Kool B (Counter Intelligenz), Persiphany (she ripped it like nobody's business), Binx (you'll be hearing more about her soon!), Joe B (Rebel Crew), LoveSun (in top form), and others. Even the haters had to show love.