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Our Mission (Mixcraft)
A History Lesson (Freedom's story)
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Our Mission

Mixcraft Network is here to provide quality entertainment on a variety of levels: first, as a DJ for hire. Second, coordinating unique parties and special events. Third, by promoting other businesses within the infrastructure of entertainment. Our purpose is to offer a personal touch to the business of music. This ensures satisfaction to every client we serve.
. We are here to serve your needs, and make sure you get the most out of every opportunity to entertain-and/or be entertained. Our goal is to offer supreme service, so that customers and clients alike always come back!

A History Lesson: Freedom's story

As a DJ, Freedom Justice has been playing music for nearly 20 years. Hailing from New York City, he was exposed at a young age to the diversity of music genres. With the growth of hip hop as a culture, soul and rnb rooted in dance music, he was always able to offer a unique perspective of the music he played. After graduating from high school in 1985, he enrolled in New York Institute of Technology, where he honed his skills as a radio DJ at that school's radio station. This led to a 3 year run in the college party market, where his foundation of diversity in music would come full circle. He also began to experiment with remixing and production during this time. The first step was to invest in a basic analog setup, featuring inexpensive keyboards and samplers. This, along with the creation of mix tapes to show off his creativity, led to a partnership with Roger Sanchez. Together, they created a weekly party known as "Ego Trip." The party began in a small club in lower Manhattan (TriBeCa), then to Marrs, Irving Plaza, and The Octagon, to name a few. 
After nearly 2 years of successfully "throwing a moving party," Roger struck a single deal with Quark Records, and cut the moving party anthem, "Ego Trip." He would soon meet with Mark Finkelstein, who formed an underground dance label known as Strictly Rhyhm Records. Roger brought Freedom into the deal, and they created the still-classic "Luv Dancin" by Underground Solution, "Ego Trip EP," and more. The partnership dissolved, and by 1991/92, so had the party.
In 1993, a chance meeting with a good friend led to Freedom's migration to the south-Greensboro, North Carolina. Mervin opened a clothing store, and created a DJ booth inside of it-a first of its kind anywhere at that time. Trips to NYC to keep up with the latest happenings in club and entertainment culture led to several weekly parties, raves, and other special events. 

During the summer of 1996, Freedom experienced the down side of doing well for himself when his home was burglarized. Everything was lost except his records-he hadn't moved them in yet, a career-saving blessing.

The birth of twin boys led him back to New York City in the fall of 1996. He also underwent personal changes in his life. Changing his name, his residence, raising his sons, and elevating his way of life, he decided it was time to take his place among those who contribute positivity to their community.

During 1997, he would begin to work and attend City College (The City University of New York, or CUNY). He tutored students and staff on entering the still-young internet explosion. On his own time, he created a massive entertainment website known as "FJNY." Due to server problems, the site crashed and with it, all of the site content (backup copies would prove difficult to upload). He also joined the school's radio station, and quickly elevated through the ranks to become program director.

Due to the lack of individuals working for one common cause, Freedom left City College Radio, and ultimately, the School altogether. He started to work with teens in a program based in the Bronx for several years. Along the way, he met his life-long partner. She hailed from Houston, Texas, and moved to New York in 2000. When budget cuts severed the youth program, along with other personal and business reasons, Freedom and family moved to Houston in late 2001. They still visit New York monthly to see family and take care of business. 
There is more I can say about my experiences. I have shared them with you, the world at large, for the first time in many years in such detail. Of course, certain things were left out, but what I have shared with you gives you a look at the man I am today: civilized, focused, and all about spreading the lessons I have learned in my life. 

The Mixcraft Network
Mixcraft as a concept was created in 1993 by Freedom Justice. The idea was to first do remixing, then production-both in house and rnb areas. That aspect of Mixcraft still holds true to this day; however, many have come and gone from the fold. At this time, Mixcraft has become a variety of things, but its most paramont function is as an event organization (Mixcraft Entertainment), and then as a production and remix facility (Mixcraft Recordings).
There are other companies that are considered a part of the network, as they have contributed to the expansion and growth of what it is Mixcraft is striving for. A few are, the internet radio station based in Houston Texas; The Houston Events List, a party and promotion company; Crewcialfx, which specializes in graphic design/layout, web design, digital photography and more. You can find links to the above mentioned and others in the network on the extended family page.

The Nation Of Gods and Earths
Much of my site is about music and the business of it. There are other aspects of Freedom Justice that are often questioned, and it is through the divine culture of the NGE (The Nation of Gods and Earths) that I am able to shine and do as I do. For those of you who think we are simply muslims, or a gang, we are far from that. There are those who call themselves civlized in our name, but they are not-we call them "five-pretenders." The TRUE AND LIVING gods and earths teach civilization, which is to say we are not religious, but do live according to the divine laws of nature.
There will be more information about what it is that makes Freedom Justice the man he is, as well as the NGE posted on this site. If you would like more info immediately, you can also go to I must caution those of you who are looking for a "quick fix" or fast answers. It took me nearly a year of studying and investigating to fully realize what it was I was supposed to be doing as a civilized person, and still, every day, I learn new things that further expand what I know about myself, my family, how to teach through words AND deeds, and the NGE. Stay tuned.

Civilized People
The NGE is known also as the five percent. There are many ways to get a positive message out. One of the ways I decided to do it early in my life was through music, hence the appeal of the music-oriented site you are now looking at. There is, of course, more to it than just music. Civilized People is an organization that is spearheaded by myself, and my partner, Naajiha Justice. Our goal is to do positive deeds based on our own experiences, so that others looking to become better within themselves have a platform to express what we are all striving for: Love, Peace, and Happiness. This is obviously not a new concept, but with the current climate of savagery in the world, it is that familiarity that we utilize to get to the common for all, and all for one. Peace!

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