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About In The Mix
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Get to know us: we are launching a special event in March. Check out the home page for more details next Tuesday!

About In The Mix Record Pool

Welcome to the official home of In The Mix Record Pool. We host 15 urban and 10 dance DJs. Our DJs are some of the best in the business, as well as some of the hottest new talents to emerge in music! Before even coming into existence, our record pool’s directors were established DJs who are respected in the dance and urban communities. We are excited about our strategic position to serve the needs of our DJs and the music industry-as well as the people our DJs work for-the general public.


Based on the data, suggestions, and grievances DJs have given us,In The Mix Record Pool has risen to the occasion to solve some of these problems and give good music a vehicle to promote, while simultaneously allowing DJs to build careers. 

Thanks to our relationships with independent and major record labels, our Djs get great affordable music, while the companies that give us their product no longer have to waste their precious time, money and energy.

About Spin Radio FM

Spin Radio FM is an ONLINE radio station that features cutting edge dance and urban mixes by some of the nation's best DJs. Based in New York City, Spin Radio FM also hosts live broadcasts in nightclubs around the city 3-4 nights weekly, while also venturing into retail outlets-bringing a club atmosphere and excitement to the world of "daywalkers." Other broadcast cities include Washington D.C., Durham, N.C., Atlanta, Miami, Houston and Dallas.

The goal of Spin Radio FM is to re-create the atmosphere of a nightclub through the storytelling of sound. It is also meant to shine light on those who bring such stories to light by those who live their lives promoting other artists-often without any recognition for themselves.

In The Mix Record Pool has partnered with Spin Radio FM to bring the best new music to the world by some of the best DJs.

About Pool Director, Freedom Justice

Multi-talented DJ, remixer and businessman Freedom Justice is a DJ's DJ. His work-for-hire services are primarily nightclub driven. Combining different music styles, Freedom has created his own unique sound that is progressive, while remaining true to the styles of music he is featuring.

Weekly residencies have included some of the most legendary nightclubs in New York City (Palladium, Marrs, Sound Factory, Studio 54, China Club, Danceteria, Skate Key), as well as residencies in Houston, Miami, Washington, D.C. and Greensboro, N.C. to name a few.


As a remixer, Freedom features new and old songs in refreshing interpretations. These remixes are featured in his DJ sets, as well as on promotional mixed compilations issued monthly to other DJs and record labels. His goal is to get record companies to feature these remixes and reconstructions on commercial releases.

He now features these exclusive remixes on promotional CDs distributed weekly to Spin Radio FM, as well as to members of In The Mix Record Pool.


As a businessman, Freedom started Mixcraft Media in 1994, then registered his business in Houston in 2001. In 2004, Mixcraft Media, Inc. was born, and since that time, has added several brands to his small but fledging enterprise: Social, a group travel business (, Spin Radio FM (, and In The Mix Record Pool ( as the most prominent. 

In The Mix Record Pool c/o Mixcraft Media, Inc. * 244 Fifth Avenue * Suite 2141 * NY NY 10001 * *