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Record pools are a dime a dozen. Many of the most established have close to 100 members or more, and though respected in the music industry for their efforts (they DO break new music), many of the lesser-known DJs never get "a shot at the title." Some of the most credible DJs will leave because they already get serviced directly by record labels who are ready to skip the "middle man" who, though still respected for their contribution, is not paying close attention to the needs of its members.
In The Mix Record Pool takes pride in it being a DJ owned and operated platform. We play clubs weekly, we party weekly, and we love music as much as you do. We argue about what radio ISN'T playing, and why some promoters try to be DJs by telling their jocks what to play or not play. We want people to dance, don't we?
This pool isn't meant to be controversial, just real. You are a working professional, and we are here to make sure you get the music you need, as well as develop your career beyond its current state.

Join what will become the NEW STANDARD in how a record pool does business!

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