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This site launch: Saturday, January 14, 2006
During the next week, you'll find updated information about events leading up to the expo.
Saturdays beginning February 25, 4-7pm @ various locations  ( to see this weekend's boutiques)  co-sponsor a weekly gathering of upcoming designers, models and personalities in the fashion and music industries. This is sponsored by Spin Radio FM. 
Hosted by Greg Williams (In Gear Magazine, P.D. for Spin Radio FM)
TO THE PARTICIPANTS (models, designers, vendors & exhibitors): If you would like to get involved send an email to thanks!


Find out more about our up and coming models at Cotton Candy.TV


Click on the model to get more information about our official resident DJ for "The Fashion And Music Show," airing live every Saturday beginning February 25, 4-7pm

The Fashion And Music Expo c/o Mixcraft Media, Inc. * 244 Fifth Avenue * Suite 2141 * NY NY 10001 * (212) 252-2528 *