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About the Fashion And Music Expo (aka “The F.A.M.E. Team”)       

We are small but we are strong. The people that make up the team for the Fashion And Music Expo are a dynamic group of individuals from all backrounds, professions and places. Each of us plays a different part, but we are all striving for one common cause: to see that this radio station be a centerpiece in breaking new music, preserving the old, and allowing those who love music as much as we do to enjoy it as much as we do!


About Mixcraft Media, Inc.

Mixcraft Media, Inc. is a multimedia company. It is home to Social, DJ Freedom Justice, The Rhythm and Soul Music Festival, The Hustle Convention and Spintertainment Internet Radio. Our standard of providing these products and services is maintained by superb business-to-client relations, innovative and unique niche marketing, as well as an eye for changes in the markets of entertainment, business and technology.


About Freedom Justice

Multi-talented DJ, remixer and producer Freedom Justice is a DJ's DJ. His work-for-hire services are primarily nightclub driven. Combining different music styles, Freedom has created his own unique sound that is progressive, while remaining true to the styles of music he is featuring. His weekly residencies have included some of the hottest nightclubs and lounges in New York City, while monthly duties expand his reach to Houston, Miami and other cities.

As a remixer, Freedom features new and old songs in refreshing new interpretations. These remixes are featured in his DJ sets, as well as on mixed compilations distributed to DJs for club use, and record labels to feature as potential promotional and commercial releases.

As a producer, Freedom is working with a small number of recording artists who are featured on various tracks he has created, and from these features his goal is to establish them as talents in their own right. 


About Spin Radio FM

Spin Radio FM is an online radio station that features cutting edge dance mixes. The goal is to re-create the atmosphere of a nightclub through the storytelling of sound. It is also meant to shine light on the talents that bring such stories to light by those who live their lives promoting other artists-often without any recognition for themselves.

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The Fashion And Music Expo c/o Mixcraft Media, Inc. * 244 Fifth Avenue * Suite 2141 * NY NY 10001 * (212) 252-2528 *