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Freedom Music Festival
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At FMF2003!

Welcome to the offical site of the newly revised event,


July 2-5, 2003

Houston, Texas

PLEASE NOTE: Read the articles below for info on the reasons for date changes.

Freedom Music Festival is up and running
Talent registration closed
CD MAGAZINE April issue available!
Credit card payments now accepted!!

"FMF2002 site has launched"

HOUSTON, WE HAVE A SOLUTION!...festival site has launched
Wednesday, July 24, 2002...The "Future Music Festival" site has finally launched. It is a product of The Mixcraft Network, a event company based in Houston, Texas and New York City. We recently added Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana as our network continues to grow!

This site was created to give a global perspective of the event, as well as easy access to any information patrons and business people alike may need. These web pages are meant to be a window into the events taking place, not give you the gory details. You can contact us directly for anything not posted on these web pages.

We are going to launch a slicker, leaner site soon!!! Thanks to our soon-to-be revealed web designers for their help. This site, by the way, was created, designed and maintained by Freedom Justice.

Thank you for checking out the site, and we will see you at the festival!

"CD Magazine April issue now available"

We have definately arrived! What better way to promote our event than a CD of some of its artists?!

Thanks to the generous submissions of over 100 artists from around the world, we are excited and happy to present to you the first edition of our newest venutre, "CD*Magazine!

Mixcraft Recordings, one of the festival sponsors, are compiling a double CD set. The set will feature on one DJ-driven tracks and songs, featuring 4 of the hottest DJs in Houston! The other, songs from some of the bands to be featured during the festival, as well as a peek at others from around the country worth checking for.

This pool of talent is both signed and unsigned, but primarily, they are independent. To cover the spectrum of music the Freedom Music Festival will cover, this CD is "an innovative idea!" says JourneyMan, one of many artists selected to be featured on the CD. "Top notch," Beans and Brice tells us. "There are compilations coming out all the time. Here is one that actually supports independent artists without all the politics of the business!!"

It is a mixture of dance, hip hop, alternative, neo-soul, acid jazz, reggae/dancehall, drum 'n' bass, nu-electro, and other genres of music.
Some of the artists to be featured include Tito Puente, Jr. and Johnny Taylor Jr., both sons of their legendary fathers respectively; Sean Carnahan, Attila The Hunza (Arizona), Superneil and James Kirk, Ragah-El (Sound Patrol), Free Mix Project (New York City), DJ Satori (San Francisco), Phuz (recently opened for Alicia Keys at her Houston arena date), DJ Supaneil (Aztecas, Helios) Kool B (, and many more.
The April issue is now available via subscription and limited locations around the country. For a subscription, you can make credit card payment by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page, or send it to our address (see the end of this press release).
If you would like to know more about this project, you may send an email with the subject "FMF2002 CD Compilation" to:
If you would to send us your CD for consideration, you may mail it to
Freedom Justice
c/o Freedom Music Festival
2211 Wheeler Street
Houston, Texas 77004

Houston's #1 party starter, Vinyl Pimp!
click on the pic for more info.

Marketing the best in soul, funk, jazz, and house
...Giant Step! Stay tuned for all the latest.

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FMF is updated there as well, but you're already here!

Freedom Music Festival
c/o Freedom Justice
2211 Wheeler Street
Houston, Texas 77004
(713) 523-6233 Mondays,
Wednesdays & Thursdays,
2-4pm, Central Standard Time

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both junior league and professional leagues.

Festival passes get you into everything...
a free drink, grab bag, and parties for days!!!

You've seen the art everywhere...
We'll feature a gallery & merchandise at FMF!

"Registration for our 2003 event is closed"
Over 50 artists have already registered!!! Special thanks to Festival Finder (, and's own DJ Woo for the support and assistance.

Once your band is registered, one of our representatives will contact you with information concerning your performance date, and answer any questions you may have concerning the festival.

If you are coming in from out of town, please let us know if you need help with accomodations. We can help you find a good deal on lodging while you are here. If you come early in the week, we may be able to get one of our volunteers (staff is going to be too busy) to give you the Houston tour.
The link to the registration page is provided at the top of this page (the home page). Once there, you are required to completely fill out the form.

Registration is FREE, but we are being selective. Contact us with questions and/or comments about the process, questions about the registration agreement (posted shortly), and more via email.

Thanks to everyone who registered, and for those of you not chosen for this year's lineup, there is a good chance you will be selected for our CD*MAG publication! Go to for more information.

Yahoo! PayDirect Accepted Here

Broadway Studios and Area 723 Studios...
Providing our DJ competion with a grand prize!

Houston's only internet radio station...
Listen Tuesdays 4-11pm (Central Standard Time)


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