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Freedom Music Festival


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About The Festival

July 3-6, 2003

Festival Summary

The event is known as the Future Music Festival. It is going to take place in Houston, Texas, July 3-6, 2003, at various club venues. The events centering on the festival will be held indoors. The clubs are located in the heart of downtown, midtown, and Montrose-all communities in Houston. We will be providing updates on these locations on this website weekly. There, business partners and patrons alike will be able to see the events scheduled, contribute ideas, sponsorship information, and much more.

Many of the businesses and even patrons supporting our event are made up of Houston residents. Some of our affiliations will come from various other cities throughout the southern regions, as well as other parts of the country.


The purpose of the festival is:

1. To create an event that supports the cause of the DJ as an artist, acoustic 
    music as a force in electronic forums
2. To put forth a positive image of club culture to a global audience
3. To enhance the way Houston is viewed as a major hub for music and
4. To bring together the different genres of music normally promoted in seperate
    arenas: house, hip hop, rnb, reggae, drum n bass, trance, 2 step, acid jazz, trip hop,
    and alternative.
5. To promote the culture of nightclubbing to a broader audience
6. To give young and old an opportunity to come together and enjoy progressive
7. To raise money and awareness for
    a) (an internet radio station based in Houston)
    b) Dance (on and offline club culture organization)
    c) Allah Youth Center (NYC-based organization for young people)
    d) LifeBeat (the music industry organization supporting AIDs awareness)
    e) La Resistancia (Houston-based non-profit for immigrant rights)

Who Will Be There (DEMOGRAPHICS) 

The demographics of the event are to include a multitude of backgrounds and lifestyles. Our event will cater to native Houstonians, residents throughout Texas, and other southern & East Coast cities. 

NOTE: Percentages are based on an estimate of 5,000 total patrons, including hired disk jockeys, bands/recording artists, and other talent. 

1.  RECORDING INDUSTRY      33% total

A cross-section of electronic music and urban music industries will come to the festival to network, discuss the future of music in both of these industries, and also promote their services to their peers and club patrons alike. 


As the voice of our perspectives, opinions, trends, and ways of life, they are one of the most important aspects of how the world sees, hears, understands, and feels what dance music is all about. It is essential they not only be present to capture the essence of the festivities, but also tell the world dance music is truly a global sensation to be reckoned with. 

3. TECHNOLOGY        4% total

The digital media revolution has only begun. According to Forrester Research, the downloading of digital music alone will add more than one billion dollars to the United States economy by 2003. There are nearly 80,000 sites on the internet that currently involve music. In addition, 300,000 hours of streamed content are available and more than 100 million media players are in use. Projections indicate digital distribution will account for 15% to 20% of all music distribution by 2010. At least 60% of our potential audience has access to the internet, and more than half utilize a computer at work or home. 

4. CLUB PATRONS       50% total

Each of the major music genres mentioned could easily be the sole focus. This is why we are confident in our events success. A majority of club goers are women, who ages range from college students to entrepreneurs owning their own businesses. Many of the men are college graduates who go out at least twice a week to indulge in some form of music-based entertainment. Both male and female college students make up a growing group of club goers who brave the dance floors of nightclubs, lounges, and bars 2-3 times a week. The average amount spent in each overall night on the town totals $25-70 per person, including admission, drinks, and transportation.

The Mixcraft Network * 2211 Wheeler Street * Houston, TX 77004